Lars Yencken


I'm an engineering leader and data scientist based Geneva, Switzerland. I love making, discovering and doing work with impact.

Today I lead the tech team at Our World In Data, where we use data and evidence to shine a light on human progress and its gaps, striving always to improve the quality of public debate and public policy.

I believe that a mathematical beauty underpins our world, including the fractal complexity of human affairs. I stand for warmth, reason, collaboration, openness and growth.


  • Great Language Game: learn to distinguish between spoken languages
  • Simsearch: an open source visual similarity search for Japanese kanji.
  • Kanji Tester: a study tool for JLPT levels 3 and 4 centred around adaptive testing.

Open source

  • csvdiff: compare CSV files for differences
  • marelle: test-driven sysadmin through logic programming
  • colorific: library for detecting significant color in designs
  • anytop: an ncurses frequency visualisation from streaming input.
  • doko: a command-line tool for determining your current location
  • cjktools: a Python library for working with Japanese and Chinese dictionaries.

For a fuller list, check Github.

Data sets


  • Hedvig Skirgård, Seán G. Roberts and Lars Yencken: “Why are some languages confused for others? Investigating data from the Great Language Game”, PLoS ONE, 12(4) (2017) [pdf]
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  • Su Nam Kim, David Martinez, Lawrence Cavedon and Lars Yencken: “Automatic classification of sentences to support evidence based medicine”, BMC Bioinformatics, 12:S2 (2011) [pdf]
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